Why do you want a Sarkari Job?

Why do you want a Sarkari Job?

Since many years, the dedication to get a sarkari job has never got down. Many aspirants though employed in Private Sector are still preparing to clear the Government written exams and interviews.

So, Here we are going to discuss as why does one needs a sarkari job? Why does one prefers a Sarkari Job over a Private or Corporate Job?

So, here are few reasons why you want a sarkari job:

Job Satisfaction: In the above stated paragraph, I had mentioned that aspirants employed in private sector are still preparing for government written exams and interviews. It means that aspirants are not satisfied with their present jobs and want something much better. A Job with limited working hours and a good portfolio is what they need.

Job Security: Sarkari Jobs are always secure. It means that there is no risk of getting fired out and for a good job career it is always important.

Lovely Schedule: If you get a job in corporate sector with thick pay, but 9 am. to 9 pm. schedule, you won’t get enough time to be with your family or society. Here, a government job gives you the freedom to have your evening coffee with your buddies and family.

Social Participation: We frequently see these days that people working 12 hrs. a day, often suffer from psychological problems such as depression, etc. They don’t get involved in society. But at the same time people those in sarkari naukri get the exposure to society by various socio-cultural activities.

Pay & Benefits: I think you are well acknowledged about this point. You get handsome pay & perks and pension after retirement with Pay-Commission benefits.

There are many more such reasons so as to why you want a sarkari job from the few listed above. So Friends, I’ll be back with more such articles to help you out. Comments & suggestions are always welcome.


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